Men's College Lacrosse Drop In Sessions

Our men's college lacrosse drop-in sessions at The Athletic Campus will take place for the entire month of December! All the fun with no commitment. Get your buddies together and come and play! It is that easy! This drop-in session is designed for the college athlete looking to play while they prepare for their next season.

We are opening up our drop-in sessions to the first 20 players to register. An official will be assigned to give you a game-like experience! 

Drop-in Session Pick-up games will be played Tuesdays and Friday nights 8pm & 9pm start times throughout the month of December.

Games will be 60 minutes long with an 8v8 format. (format of play will depend on the number of registrants)

Drop-in Fee Pick-up fee is $15 per person for the session. No long term commitment. Just a per night drop-in fee. 

 Limited number of spots available per session. If there is significant interest in the league, The Athletic Campus will look to add additional days to accommodate those players.

Please contact The Athletic Campus with any further questions or concerns.